JAKITECH Kenya limited was in-corporated 2007.It’sa multi-facetedcompany which began as a printing firm. Over the years it has expanded to include supply and branding of safety wear, relief material and equipment. Though Based in Nairobi, its client base covers nearby Diasporas and includes both public & private sectors.


Jakitech Kenya ltdprovides products/goods in four different categories. They include promotional materials, uniforms, protective gears and relief materials. We do design, printing/embroidery of promotional materials, stitching company uniforms/tents and supply of all types of textile materials.


Our vision statement

“We intend to provide our customers with the best logistical activitiesthrough logistical planning and service management: customer service standards, customer wants and needs, customer response to service setting customer level so as to an all-round supplier.”


Mission statement

“To add valueto the business needs of an organization: maintaining low lead times, providing quality products/goods, upholding long term relationships and effectively meeting customer needs and wants.

core values
1. Team work.
2. Commitment.
3. Accountability.
4. Control.
business goals & objectives